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Additional Services

Additional Serivces Offered at Advanced Transmissions

Today’s modern vehicles are computers on wheels. Accurate diagnostics require the most cutting-edge
scanners and software available. But all the data in the world is useless without the experience
necessary to correctly interpret that data and pinpoint the fault quickly and accurately. With two
generations and over 40 years in the business we are able to diagnose even the most complicated
electrical and drivability concerns, very often even in the same day that the vehicle is dropped off.

Over the last 10 years having access to manufacturer software and diagnostics has become a necessity. We are able to perform dealer level programming and diagnostics on a wide variety of vehicle both domestic and foreign. We are NASTEF accredited and have licensing to access even the most difficult “theft relevant” single VIN components from manufacturers like Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura and a host of other OEM’s.

We do all of our own flywheel resurfacing in house with a brand new VanNorman grinder using only diamond grinding wheels. We can resurface any size flywheel regardless of the amount of steps or the size of the center. We are more than happy to do grinding on your flywheel as an over the counter machining service. Contact us for details.

There are fewer manual vehicles on the road than ever before and even fewer mechanics still willing to work on them. We rebuild most manual transmissions and offer clutch replacements on all makes and models. We only use LUK, Sachs, Valeo and Dealer specific clutch kits. We’ve found those to be the best products available on the market and wouldn’t consider using anything less in our own vehicles.

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